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    Mr. President…

    Famous TV Presidents. Image courtesy of Mirror.
    The character of a president matters. And in this past year since Donald Trump was elected, many of us wished for a president who displays more character, humanity and self control. We want our president to be someone who we look up to and who is the moral leader of our country and who reflects the best of our American values.  Donald Trump has fallen far short. As an electorate we might be more excited this year if Jeb Bartlet, Andrew Shepherd or Dave Kovic had been elected president....
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    Film Theory 101: Understanding Benjamin, Metz, Kaplan via Lindsay Lohan

    Either you clicked on this article because you took the title’s bait or you genuinely seek to learn some film theory. My goal in doing this is not to bore you, but to hopefully have you retain something in comparing theories to Lindsay. Let’s dive into this: there are many mediums of art that try to capture life, varying expressions or some kind of phenomena, typically through the work of one artist. Film, however, challenges these philosophies in that it is a medium of art that arguably attempts to do...
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    Cinema of Change vs Propaganda

    It's a Wonderful Life
    What differentiates a good message movie from a movie that’s too preachy? How does a movie effectively present a point of view without insulting the intelligence of its audience? As a Cinema of Change filmmaker, these are questions I am asking myself more and more. This year is the 70th Anniversary of Frank Capra’s beloved classic, It’s A Wonderful Life. I confess that even though I consider Capra to be one of the best filmmakers of our time, he often treads a fine line between earnestness and hitting his...
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    Joshua Oppenheimer: Why Filmmakers Shouldn’t Chase Impact

    Subscribe to Podcast Welcome to the Cinema of Change podcast with Robert Rippberger and Tobias Deml. Joshua Lincoln Oppenheimer was born in 1974 in Austin, Texas. He is a two-time Oscar-nominated American film director based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Oppenheimer has a Bachelor of Arts-degree summa cum laude in filmmaking from Harvard University and a PhD from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of the Arts in London. Oppenheimer spent 12 years in Indonesia and returned with two internationally praised documentaries, The Act of Killing (2012) &...
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    Our Obsession with Story – A Survival Drive

    'Spannende Geschichte' artwork on a female storyteller from the 19th century
    We as filmmakers pursue a career in storytelling. That seems trivial – of course, that is what filmmaking is about: storytelling. But if you just withdraw yourself for a moment and think from much further away, as an imaginary alien species that doesn’t tell stories, you realize that what we’re doing here on Earth seems absolutely bizarre:   The Strange Obsession With Story There are people who imagine stories, write them down, and then there are actors playing out these stories, and finally there’s a crowd of people who...
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    The Makings of the Mega-Blockbuster: Big Money and Impact

    Films that entertain and films that drive positive change in the world are often thought to be mutually exclusive. That’s the way it’s always been, and for years, people have felt foolish for expecting anything more. Now, halfway through the second decade of the twenty-first century, that paradigm is changing faster than ever. Let’s wind the clock back six years. The decade just turned a fresh page, and 2009 is only just behind us. The top grossing film of that year, and soon of all time, is James Cameron’s...