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We’re happy you chose to become a writer for Cinema of Change, the central platform for exploring positive impact through mass media. It’s as important to us that you truly care about the topic, as you bring a unique perspective on board. We’re an eclectic group of filmmakers, film scholars, film critics and intellectuals with various backgrounds in the humanities and industry.

The goal is to create a space for a focused dialogue about the power of cinema, and its ability to create change.

This magazine would not have been possible without the contributions and spirit of the inaugural writer collective, consisting of Ace Salvador, Alvaro Pelegrin, Andreas Papoyans, Daniel Zimmer, Daniela Dean, Eden Cantu, Hiroki Kamada, Isabella Caps-Kuhn, Jacob Nikolau, Jessa Zarubica, Jodie Howard, Jordan Despanie, Kate Irwin, Katie Felber, Matt DeMartini, Matthew Neel, Nick Singh Randhawa, Owen Kent, Robert Rippberger, Sebastian Pichelhofer, Sky Nite, Tony Frere, Tobias Deml and Yoni Weinberg.

We are geared to creating a new conversation within the film community, and be inclusive of a variety of (possibly conflicting) opinions as well as a wide variety of authors.