Albert Bandura: The Power of Soap Operas [Video]

The world's most quoted living psychologist talks Social Impact of Serial Dramas.


Cinema of Change went to Stanford, CA to meet 91-year old rockstar of Psychology, Albert Bandura.

Bandura pioneered fundamental psychological theories and is the most-quoted living psychologist in the world.
Among the decades of theories, he has pioneered an incredible framework for Serialized Dramas as a means of social impact.

He calls this field “Entertainment Education” and the below interview is one-of-a-kind, exclusively available on Cinema of Change.
Hollywood decision-makers should familiarize themselves with Bandura’s work, as it speaks volumes about our industry; not learning from him would mean re-inventing the  wheel of social impact. We left Stanford with incredible material, now for you to see and learn from.

In this exclusive interview with Robert Rippberger and Tobias Deml (editors of CoC), Albert talks about:

  • Entertainment-Education and its theoretical and experimental foundation
  • The power of TV vs. Movies, and how serialized content has a stronger long-term impact
  • His collaboration with Miguel Sabido, who pioneered the application of Education Entertainment as a TV soap opera producer
  • The work of the Population Media Center that has touched 500M+ people and is based on his theories
  • How he went from pioneering the Social Learning Theory to studying serial dramas
  • Models of influence and perception
  • Experimental approaches to media impact
  • His work on chilhood aggression
  • His hallmark work on Self-Efficacy and its relationship to role modeling in pop culture
  • His latest work on global ecology

Read more on Albert’s work that spans 70 years:

Producers: Robert Rippberger, Tobias Deml
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Editor: Fernanda Begnini

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