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Robert is a film-maker and business person with a diverse array of executive and creative experience. Robert is a producer/director of documentaries and feature films at Aletheia Films, located in Los Angeles and at the Saul Zaentz Media Center outside San Francisco. He has made over three dozen short films, music videos, documentaries, and features that have reached millions of viewers worldwide.

Robert is acting president of I Imagine, an organization that seeks to have a maximum positive impact in the world by helping people pursue their passion and have an impact at the same time. The organization has a web platform at, runs I Imagine talks, puts on the annual I Imagine Film Festival and conference in New York, and produces feature films and documentaries.

Robert is on the board of directors and is acting business strategist at FlypBox Inc, a company that brings mobile app and e-commerce solutions to small business. He has been with the company from the beginning and was instrumental in helping it grow to its current valuation of $2 million.

Robert previously ran and operated a commercial production company with clients such as Spyder Active Sports, Warren Miller, The Jane Goodall Institute, The New York Times, Trumbull Studios, NetApp, and others.

In 2005 at age 16, Robert made his first feature film, "The Hoodwink," that premiered to sellout audiences. The film made its money back the opening night as additional theaters were added to accommodate the crowd.

Robert has studied under directing teacher Judith Weston, at UCLA Film School, and he received a B.A. in philosophy from UC, Berkeley where he was awarded the Eisner Prize. It is the 'highest award for creativity given on the UC, Berkeley campus.' Robert was the 2012 recipient of the Dan Eldon Activist Award. He writes periodically for the Huffington Post, published a novel in 2014 called "Escape To Anywhere Else," with a foreword by Mariel Hemingway, and co-founded and is acting editor of the magazine, Cinema of Change.

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